Uncategorised Pharmaceutical Tactics That Will Make Your Business A Success

Pharmaceutical Tactics That Will Make Your Business A Success

Pharmaceutical marketing is the process or business containing advertising and sale of different pharmaceutical drugs. In many countries there are measures imposed on the advertisement done by pharmaceutical companies.

Why there is a need for
pharmaceutical marketing?

In recent time the centre has moved to the research and development department and since pharmaceutical items are being traded all over the globe, so in order to make sure your product is the best one you need pharmaceutical marketing. Marketing will lead to:-

� More information given provided to the customers.

� Ensure good relationship with client

� Decreases the advancement cost

� Helps in beating the rivals

  1. Sales promotion the marketing strategy is commonly used to increase the sales of the product. One of the common methods used under sales promotion technique is Direct or personal selling. That is providing service one to one. This can be done visiting local doctors and telling them about the company’s medicine. And encourage them to recommend there medicine to his/her patients.
  2. Push and pull a push strategy is in which the manufacturer main focus is on the retailers so that retailers can stock the product. Manufacturer promotes its product to retailer. The strategies included to promote product to retailers are personal selling and direct mail. A push strategy involves manufacturer promoting their product the targeted audience in order to create demand. After getting information of the product consumers buy form different channels i.e. wholesalers, retailers. This forces wholesalers and retailers to stock up the product. A company uses both push and pulls strategy.
  3. AIDA is a communication model which is by pharmaceutical companies to increase the sale of their product. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire and action. The first goal is to grab the attention of the consumers.This can be done by using big personalities for advertisement. Once the attention is grabbed next step is to make sure you hold the interest of the consumers. This can be done by promoting features, stating benefit of the product. Then you need to make you customer desire your product and the final stage is Purchase.
  4. Internet promotion Technology can be used to promote the product Pharmaceutical Marketing companies are using e-promotional techniques to increases the sale of their product. Not only they are using internet to promote their products but also they have launched mobile app in order to reach the mass media. This mobile app will provide every information regarding the product.