Recipe 3 Ways to Spice Up Shrimp and Rice

3 Ways to Spice Up Shrimp and Rice

Dinner slumps–we all go through them, right? Those times when everything in your refrigerator seems overused and underwhelming. You’re probably reading this and nodding in agreement.

The Mission

My mission and I’ve chosen to accept it, is to present you with two seemingly basic ingredients and provide ways to elevate them.  When you hear these two ingredients–shrimp and rice, I’m sure you are not exactly ready to launch a parade. Never fear! I’m here to take your dinner up a notch with three ways to spice up shrimp and rice meals. 

Paella Please!

When I think of places where the food is completely not boring, I immediately head to Spain. Cured meats, gazpacho, and paella. Yummy, yummy paella. Sorry, I started drooling a bit.

Anyway! Paella is my first recommendation. Shrimp and rice meet with kicky seasonings like cayenne pepper, turmeric, and paprika. This dish is certain to spice up your dinner plate. If you’re up for the challenge, then look up this shrimp and rice recipe by

Pasta 101

Now if your current cooking skill set has you looking at the previous recipe with just a touch of fear, don’t worry! Here’s a simple one–pasta! Anyone can boil noodles and toss in their favorite things. You’re going to add shrimp, pasta, and tomato sauce with lots of black pepper and red pepper flakes. Toss it all together in a pot so the flavors can all marry. You can mix in the rice as well or serve this over a bed of rice for added heartiness.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Finally, chili lime shrimp bowls are another fun way to get creative with a standard meal. You’re going to marinate the shrimp in chili powder, soy sauce, and garlic. Once that has had time to seep into each and every crevice of the shrimp, you can move on to preparing your rice. For an added kick of heat, you will add jalapeno to the beans and the salsa that tops the bowl! Feel the steam coming out of your ears yet? Be bold and try this shrimp and rice recipe by

So there you have it. Three exciting ways to take your shrimp and rice dish from “No thank you–next!” to “Please may I have more, more, more!” Now if you will excuse me, I need to go eat. All this food talk has made me HUNGRY! Enjoy your revved up dinner and be sure to share any kitchen victories.