The San Diego Visual Artists Guild - a Cyber Museum & Virtual Guild - is a growing, thriving entity, with consistently 3000-5000 hits and 250+ visits per day and between 2000-4000 unique visits every month. Many of our now well over 350 artists have entered new updated images and dozens of new artists have joined. We are rapidly becoming the most representative visual artists collective in our region.

Our mission is:
• To represent all of the fine artists of our region.
• To show these artists' works to the entire world.
• To draw attention to the fact that we are united, we have representations of some of the finest artwork being created, and by our unity we will draw attention from the rest of the world to our art community.
• To showcase the artwork using the most successful means available.


We have designed several features on the site to serve our mission:
• On our site is a comprehensive history of our predecessor, the original San Diego Art Guild. It is complete from 1904-1999. It will be updated to the present time shortly. Nowhere else in the world is there a history of any artist collective as detailed or long lasting.
• Another feature is a sophisticated double mouse-over that allows for easy navigation of the site showing a thumbnail detail of each artists work before opening the entire page. This lets one quickly see an example of what type of work each artist does, while retaining our site's high quality format.
• We link up to each artist's own website or email address, so anyone interested in you and/or your work can connect directly to you. We have made several thousands of dollars of sales through this process.
• Linked to our site is an internationally focused cutting edge online Art Magazine: The focus was on visual art and art related activities, from the artist's perspective. This is a viewpoint virtually unheard of in the world of other art media, art museums, galleries, and art organizations. Each edition was filled with entertaining articles and other features geared to an international audience. Our Artists Ezine was published quarterly and all past issues are archived.
• Also linked to our site are several organizations that provide services to visual artists and the community. Please note the San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN): and several others.

• We also have periodic opportunites available exclusively to our members such as our former SDVAG Fine Art Gallery. Dozens of our artists have also sold virtual images of their work through a virtual world called Second Life, where we have several floors of exhibit space in Crossworlds Gallery. We also set up another virtual world show in Inworldz where we exhibit in Falathrim gallery.

• Many artists, because of their membership in SDVAG, have had their work exhibited in local museums, special events, as well as several galleries, from which many works of art have been sold.


     All that is needed to be a part of this new resource is for you to share the beauty of your work through the submission of quality images and a modest one-time fee. This fee covers the processing of the images and costs of maintaining our server space.


    Membership in the San Diego Visual Artists Guild (SDVAG) shall be granted to all professional working artists without discrimination. The membership approval process requires that each artist submit at least five quality images of their work along with an artist's statement and a resume, proving their professional standing. A small one time fee for the processing of the images is all that is required for permanent membership. Please contact us at for further information.


1) $75.00 payable to San Diego Visual Artists Guild, or if you are experiencing any financial hardship, please feel free to enter your images onto our website free of any charge whatsoever.
2) A minimum of 5 high quality digital images. (1000 or more pixels in either dimension - 1 or more MB preferred) Label with title, media, & dimensions of the framed image.
3) An additional $10.00 per image over 5, for up to 20 images total, ($225 max.).
4) A brief biography/resume of the artist and/or a brief statement about the art
5) Please include your name, mailing address, phone number's, email address, and personal website address.

6) Email your images and information to
7) Please send your payment to San Diego Visual Artists Guild c/o Dennis Paul Batt at 1520 Magnolia Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008.
8) These images may also be used for a San Diego Visual Artists Guild digital catalog (to be distributed to all of the art libraries on the continent when completed) and digitized Guild slide-show presentations (for educational/promotional purposes).
9) Information on sale and/or availability of these images is up to the artist and interested parties and is not the business of the Guild unless specifically requested.
10) A 20% voluntary donation is requested from the sale of any work due to this site.


     As a new benefit for artists who contribute or have contributed financially or through in-kind donations to the success of our Guild we are featuring them in a cross reference database in which they can be found through their media. See Artists Gallery for this feature.


     Our non-profit organization, the Museum Artists Foundation: (MAF), was created to raise funds to pay for the costs associated with exhibitions and provide other services for visual artists and the visual art community.


Thank you for your consideration.


Dennis Paul Batt

Webmaster: SDVAG