Born in Korea in 1940 under Japanese occupation, Elfred Lee & his family had to evacuate to the Philippines where they were captured and placed in prison camps for 3 years. There, at the age of 4, Elfred began drawing. On February 23, 1945 American paratroopers rescued them and thousands of others from execution.

     Back in Korea, he continued to draw and paint until the Communist invasion in 1950. He then studied in Japan with artists there, learning the patience and precision of the Asian culture.

     During the Vietnam War, in the US Army, Elfred was chosen to receive Hollywood training in motion picture photography and sent on a special mission in 1967 to Vietnam. There he filmed and directed movies, which are now part of the history of that war. On one night-mission he was shot down in a helicopter.

     Elfred Lee’s education includes two Masters and an honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from San Jose State University, CA; Syracuse University, NY; and Faith College, Birmingham, AL with special training at the University of London, England and Hebrew University, Israel.

     Elfred has served as the Art Director of several international boards, communications and publishing companies, coordinating public relations, television programs, movie production, and corporate identities.

     He has lectured and exhibited nationwide and overseas, being featured on radio and TV, books, Magazines, newspapers, and movies including Voice of America, Nightline, 20/20, and countless talk shows. He received the Best-in-Show Award from the President of the National Portrait Institute andf has been active in design projects for Lockheed, San Francisco’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), and the NASA Arts-in-Space Council.  

     His first love (besides his wife) is photography and portrait painting; and has done work for such notables as Mrs. Kimberly (Kimberly Clark Paper), H.L. Hunt (Hunt Oil/Foods), Presidents Nixon and Reagan, Premier Swan of Bermuda, President Sunay of Turkey, international corporate executives and movie stars.

     Because he has personally experienced much of the ugly side of life, Elfred has chosen to paint the beauty of the earth and human life as we live in harmony with creation and the environment.