“I believe deeper truths await us in the twilight of consciousness that dwells between the reality of our daily lives and the fantastic worlds of our dreams. I seek to catch glimpses of those realms in my art.

     Intrigued by surrealism and fantasy illustration as a child, I was inspired to create imagery where the edges of reality and imagination are blurred. In the process of artistic creation I disappear into the flow state where the subconscious takes over and the mystical comes alive. I create possible moments in improbable worlds, investigating new perspectives of my inner and outer universe.

     I incorporate photos, and cultural influences from my travels in Europe, Micronesia, China, and elsewhere into my work. I also love nature and am fascinated with texture, both natural and man-made. I photograph rocks, sand, plants, walls--anything that might feed my creativity, my perception of natural form and color, and expand my library of image resources.

     Making art incorporating computers since 1982, I have sought to incorporate these elements with original drawings, mixed media paintings, etchings, elements of graphic design, found objects, and other resources in my digital paintings.

     I approach my art from a variety of directions and do not like to confine it to one category, but I coined the term "Techno-Organic" to describe the style of my art as well as something about the creative process I use. My goal is always to bring an organic, natural and integrated feel to my work. As with any tool or medium, digital technology has certain inherent characteristics that it brings to the creative process. Some of these looks I love--others seem very artificial and overused. One of the challenges I enjoy most is moving beyond the feel of the technology and instilling my individual style and perspective into my creations.”