“Thru my paintings I express feelings. Sharing knowledge and spirit of creativity this is a gift and if my work is a source of inspiration to some then our soul has met.

     I keep going through so many adjustments and at every adjustment my art changes. It is said that all that matters in art is presentation and what pleases the eye. If that is true then it is all an illusion.”



    Born in Catania, Italy, Anna studied art at the Instituto D’Arte di Catania. She received her fine art degree in painting in 1963 and began to exhibit paintings in Italy. In 1966 she came to the U.S.A. In 1983 she studied art at Southwestern College and worked with Chicano artists. Anna studied bronze casting at SDSU, worked at the Fire Art Studio, and exhibited her art at the Sculptors Guild. In 1989 she painted mural at the downtown San Diego barricades and also became a member of the San Diego Art Institute. She received many awards and had several solo shows. Her paintings are in many private collections in both the U.S.A. and Italy. She has had her paintings featured in several newspapers both in San Diego and Italy.