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1904 - 1999.

Two exhibitions in 2008 & 2010.

The ezine was published from Fall 2004 - Spring 2006. Currently in stasis.

The gallery was open from June 2005 - August 2006

This gallery is in stasis but many new galleries now in the virtual worlds of
Second Life & Inworldz
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The San Diego Visual Artists Guild has created this Fine Art web page in order to entertain, educate, and enlighten viewers. The images on this site are representative of the quality of art that the members of the San Diego Visual Artists Guild produce. The copyrights to these images are held by the individual artists and protected by the laws of the State of California. Many of these works of art are for sale, however others may have already been sold or gifted, more however, still remain in the artists' possession. If you are interested in the Artists Guild you may contact us by leaving an email message at (Please write Guild in the Subject, if you would like a response.) If you are interested in an individual artist or a particular work of art pictured, please contact the artist directly using the contact information linked to their page on this site.

When viewing one of the artist's works on the Artists Gallery page, there will be a prompt on your computer instructing you to download "shockwave", from This is done automatically with simple instructions on your screen. Once this is accomplished you do not need to go through that step again, since your computer will now have that program installed. Also most of the sizes listed for the artwork are the framed sizes.

The opinions expressed, information provided, and/or representations of artistic quality contained herein are solely those of the Artists Guild, and do not necessarily represent any other organization, their officers or members of their board. Nor does any other organization, accept liability for the content herein, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis thereof.

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