†††† During the long history of artists gathering together to form associations, many times one group evolved out of another. In 1904 the San Diego Art Association was formed. After it dissolved another group made up of many of the same people regrouped as the San Diego Art Guild in 1915. Members of that organization along with friends and colleagues spawned many other associations including the La Jolla Art Association in 1918, the Friends of Art in 1920, and the Fine Arts Society in 1925, which became the San Diego Museum of Art in 1979. Eleven members of the Guild came together to establish the Contemporary Artists of San Diego in 1929. They were some of the most prominent artists of their day and this was the first serious attempt to put San Diego into the mainstream of American art history. In 1933 another offshoot of the Guild called the Moderns was established to challenge the concepts of traditional art. Then in 1934 another group was called Two by Two with both modern and conservative artists. Later in 1934 yet another offshoot of the Guild, a more traditional group, called Los Surenos was founded to preserve the early atmosphere of California. In 1936 Spanish Village Art Association was established by Guild members. In 1941 the Business Men's Art Club, an exclusive men's club was created. It later evolved into the San Diego Art Institute. In 1946 a new organization called the Allied Artists Council came into being. This group was far more inclusive as it had separate committees for painting, crafts, theater, music, dance, photography, film writing, and architecture. It later evolved into the Allied Craftsman. COVA, the Combined Organization for the Visual Arts, was formed by a former Guild board member in 1985. This ever-changing landscape of artists' organizations continued with original members of the Guild going on to form local art groups right up to the present day. The San Diego Visual Artists Guild is the latest in this evolution of artists' organizations.

†††† A fully illustrated comprehensive history is nearing completion, currently over 300 pages. It will be put up on this site in two parts. Currently on this site is the Living History of the Guild section, fully illustrated with pictures of the times, important buildings, events, and portraits of the participants and associates of our Guild. This version does not yet have all of the illustrations, however links to some of these photos as well as additional information is on the San Diego Historical Society's website, because obtaining the copyrights for the use of these photographs is still in process.

†††† Images of actual artwork and the biographies of the individual artists will be the feature of the Historical Artists Gallery. Well over 100 artists and over 1000 images will fill the gallery. All of these artists will be those of who have passed away. The living members of our Guild are featured in our Artists Gallery. When viewing the artistís work one sees each eraís styles evolving with the times and reflecting the feelings and beliefs of the artists.

†††† Since our Guild has had such a long and productive history, we all hope that you will enjoy reading its highly entertaining and informative history and viewing the finest historical collection of artists and their work ever assembled in one region. In order to see it all, like when visiting a museum, one most return over and over again to fully appreciate all of its wonders and beauty.