The San Diego Visual Artists Guild Fine Art Gallery was available for art exhibitions and special events. Through the generosity of members and friends of the San Diego Visual Artists Guild and the Small Opera of San Diego, a major renovation took place. New walls were constructed, painted, and the space has brand new, high-quality carpeting. We have also been loaned 11 portable wall units that increase our space to over 800 sq. ft. of exhibit area. The Opera Company has its Academy of Sound and Music, offices, and a stage for performances in the adjoining spaces. Percentages from the sale of works of art will be donated to the Museum Artists Foundation and the Small Opera of San Diego. We had many First Friday openings, opera performances, and special events since we opened, one of which was captured by video shown here.

The gallery was located on the southwest corner of the intersection of 9th and C St. in downtown San Diego. The address was 1098 Ninth Ave. The gallery opened on June 3, 2005, but after just over one year of operation the gallery closed down.

Gallery Opening Photos

More than Meets the Eye Special Event

January 13, 2006

Conchita Vesco Opening with Raks Sharmenco & Pandeli Lazaridi

April 8 , 2006

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Paul Vauchelet & Infinite Arts Event Productions

"Bring Their Buddies Home" Memorial Installation

July 8, 2006


Gallery with opera performance by the Small Opera Company